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For a period of 15 years Manny has been an active partner in our company. Throughout this period, he helped build and develop Genesis Seeds to be a world-wide seed producer.

A great friendship that goes back 31 years brought Manny Shemin and Isaac Nir to establish Genesis Seeds in 1994. For Manny, Genesis Seeds was not only a business but a base and a home he was so proud to be in. Making the desert bloom in Israel was a dream come true for Manny. His great heart and soul were deeply implanted in the land of Israel. Along with all of Genesis’ team members, he brought his vision to reality.

At the beginning, Manny and Isaac focused on building the basic infrastructure for becoming a seed company. They brought the first seed separation machines from Holland, contracted with growers and got a handful of customers who saw the outcome of our hard work. Manny’s background in business and Isaac’s in horticulture developed our long term relations with many companies in the seed business.

In 1998, Manny and Isaac decided to convert Genesis Seeds into one of the first totally organic seed producers in the world. With their broad vision they saw the need for organic seed, with its emphasis on a clean and friendly environment. Along with production, they established two research stations - one in the Galilee and one in the Negev. Added to these stations were strong working relationships with the Faculty of Agriculture at Hebrew University and the Volcani Institute. Together, Manny and Isaac attended seed conventions and shows. They brought enthusiasm and a friendly atmosphere to every meeting - where ever they went.

One of Manny’s biggest prides was the annual Open House at Genesis Seeds’ research center in Ashalim. It is on this special day that he would meet all his friends in Israel, happy to see them all coming along to see the desert bloom.

Manny loved people; he had the biggest heart and had no boundaries to his kindness.

At this moment our thoughts are especially with his wife, Rhoda, and their four daughters Sara, Suzanne, Grace and Leslie. They will have to continue without Manny, We wish them courage and strength for the future.

We will miss Manny, but will never forget him.

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