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Company Quality Declaration

Genesis Seeds Ltd. asigns primary importance to the quality of its seed products, to execution of its customers’ orders according to a strict timetable, and to the high standard of service it provides to its customers, including consultancy – all in strict adherence to environment-friendly practices

In order to meet demands of Israeli standards TI ISO 9001:2000 and TI ISO 14001, the company operates a quality assurance system that accompanies its internal and external activities and operations in all the following activities: research and development, business operations, monitoring of seed growing in diverse locations, processing operations in the seed processing plant, consultancy to customers, sales and delivery execution, pollution prevention, environment maintenance, and follow-up to insure customer satisfaction.

The aims of the quality manual, procedure file (compilation) and working instructions are multi-fold:

  • to institutionalize a quality assurance system meant to maintain a quality standard and environmental policy that meets the ISO demands;

  • to meet the demands, expectations and particular specifications of the customers;

  • To meet all legal, regulatory and ISO standards’ that apply for each activity and location.

The quality manual and procedure file (compilation) describe the quality assurance and environment control systems in all company sites, determine work methods and responsibilities, and include the guidelines by which the company is to achieve, in the most efficient way, the quality aims it has set for itself.

The following are the aims and quality indices that will be periodically updated in order to obtain a permanent and continuous improvement:

  • Development of new seed varieties and the improvement of the existing ones.

  • Improvement in seed quality / germination rates.

  • Improvement in all aspects of seed purity.

  • Control of processing costs in the plant as planned, with efforts to reduce them.

  • Reduction to a minimum of errors that might result in production mishaps and unsatisfactory product that needs to be returned.

  • Reduction to a minimum of damages to the environment (including those at the growers’ level).

  • Savings in natural and industrial resources.

  • Raising efficiency of work methods, including the efficient disposal of solid and liquid waste products.

  • Reducing customer complaints – aiming to reach zero level.

  • Raising customer satisfaction level.

  • Strengthening marketing network and increasing clientele.

  • Maintenance of high performance levels with zero environmental pollution and disturbances.

Management and employees undertake to implement the procedures and instructions detailed in the procedure file (compilation).

Twice a year management will a) review its quality and environment policies b) define measurable aims and goals c) examine effectiveness of procedures implemented in the seed processing plant and at the growing sites, and d) execute accordingly correction and prevention actions which will ensure enduring and continuous improvement.

As a preparatory stage toward meeting TI ISO 14001 requirements, the company has over the last year gradually moved to a production pattern in which all the crop growth and seed production processes are fully organic, without any use of chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other synthetic materials.

The following actions were taken to ensure the establishment and maintenance of quality and environment management, and the attainment of quality aims and goals: a) a quality assurance manager was appointed; and b) the necessary resources will be allocated according to actual needs – the resources being time and money needed for supervision, data collection and analysis, application of findings and training.

In order to put these decisions into operation, management will conduct on-going quality meetings and training and updating activities to inform all its employees of the details of the quality management system as related to company quality policy and their roles therein.

Any significant deviation will be accompanied by corrective action aimed at improving company working procedures and employee performance.

February, 2015

Shai Nir

Genesis Seeds Ltd. – Quality Procedures

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