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ASCGG Trial Report: Sturdy stems (4); Rich color (2); Classic colouring with yellow and orange (3); Quick to flower (2); All plants bloom same time; Probably the best of the trials group, rather large heads; Standard single stem orange; Nice, attractive flowers; Very nice, very uniform; Nice flower size for bouquet work; Large stems; Bloomed all season.

Post Harvest Results:
Zohar had a wonderful vase life of 12 days and did not react differently to holding and hydrating solutions. The rich golden yellow of .Zohar. is stunning.

THE 2009 CUT FLOWER TRIALS, H.C. Wien, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853:
Of the nine varieties screened in 2009, four were ranked as day‐ neutral, four were strongly short‐day in response, and one was intermediate. As in previous years, plants that had received the short and long day treatments in the seedling stage showed very little difference in plant height at flowering and flower diameter (Table 9) if they were classed as day‐neutral. Strongly sensitive short day lines were nearly twice as tall after the long day treatment compared to receiving short days as seedlings.

Table 8. Effect of a 3‐week exposure in the seedling stage to either 12 or 16 hrs daylength on days to flower and plant height at flowering for nine cut flower cultivars screened in 2 replications.

In Table 9, the detailed reaction of each of the tested varieties is given. The correlation of plant height and flower diameter is evident, as is the relation of flowering date and plant height. The short stature of 'Big Smile' makes it more suitable for pot culture than cut flower use. 'Procut Brilliance' and 'Buttercream' were delayed in flowering after short day treatment in the first planting, but in the second one, both treatments flowered at the same time. This may indicate the influence of other factors in the post‐transplant period such as temperature, but that work remains to be done.

Table 9. Reaction of nine sunflower varieties to exposure to seedling daylength treatments of 12 (short day) or 16 hours (long day) with regard to time of flowering, stem length at flowering and flower disk diameter.

To describe the varieties in the trial, 'Big Smile' is a dwarf variety not suited to cut flower use because of its short stem, and tendency to produce multiple buds. 'Buttercream' is a tall, branching, day‐neutral line with pale yellow petals and a dark center (Fig. 9). 'Peach Passion' is a short, mid‐season branching line with small stature. It was conspicuous in having poor seedling vigor, and cannot be recommended. 'Procut Brilliance' produces strong stems and bright orange‐petaled flowers with dark centers (Fig. 10). It is promising and noteworthy for not being sensitive to daylength, unlike most orange cut flower lines. 'Sunrich Lemon Summer' has pale yellow petals and a dark center, and is attractive under long day conditions but dwarf in short days. 'Tapuz' and 'Zahav' are standard orange types with relatively late maturity in long days, but very sensitive to daylength. 'Zohar' is of similar earliness to 'Sunrich Orange', and also daylength sensitive. 'Terra Cotta' was the latest cultivar in the trial, tall, with dark petals and flower center. It is a branching type, but has weak stem as a seedling, and at flowering, making it subject to lodging.

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